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Vessel Management

Ship Chartering Services
With our combined expertise, we complement the inherent strength of the business we are in. Be it COMMERCIALLY FIXING OF THE vessels for the region, post fixture handling or a voyage analysis… all of it is handled with extreme efficiency, ensuring all time,deadlines are kept intact

We charter tankers, cargo vessels, offshore vessels and barges when logical and necessary, and where we believe the requirements and budget will justify such an undertaking. Our highly experienced management staff will personally manage each chartered vessels to ensure best commercial practice in most economical manner.

DP MARINE SERVICES operates vessels and undertakes the managed services on behalf of our Clients covering the spectrum focusing on vessel performance, crewing, logistic, safe and environmentally sound operations, high quality maintenance programs and achieving customer goals. In the context of Vessel Management DPMS can provide the below services:

♦  Crewing
♦   Chartering
♦   Maintenance
♦   Safety System
♦   Logistics Support
♦  Consultancy, applying and supervise for marine operation of vessels

Being in compliance to the international quality and efficiency standards in covering all aspects of ship management, is the main target of the company on the journey to excellence in sea transportation service.

Million tons of liquid and dry cargoes are being transported annually from ports in Middle East to ports in Europe, Asia and Far East. It is the company’s well known reputation in the market playing the role of key factor in ensuring its partners and contractual parties, the best results in their endeavors of world trade and sea transportation.

We offer customers a tailor made ship management service to suit their specific requirements, including plan approvals, build supervision, sale and delivery and full vessel operational management incorporating crewing, purchasing, insurance, surveys and accident investigation. As part of our comprehensive ship management service, we allocate Technical Superintendents to groups of vessels to monitor the operation, performance and condition of the vessels by:

♦   Regular condition assessments and performance monitoring
♦   Planned and projected maintenance
♦  Dry dock planning and supervision
♦  Surveys, certification and vetting

In addition to the ship management services detailed above, our Technical Superintendents and Marine Consultants take care of repairs and dockings, new building, plan approval and supervision as well as Flag and Class liaison.

Safety, Health, Environmental Protection and Quality, the central pillars of our management philosophy. Our main objective is to work in partnership with our clients to optimize their operational efficiency, whilst ensuring that the highest standards of safety, health, environmental protection and quality are met and maintained. We have extensive experience within the oil and gas industry, where the highest safety standards are demanded. This experience in numerous marine/offshore sectors throughout the world enables us to adhere to stringent safety standards across our managed whole fleet.

Your safety is our utmost priority and our safety culture is based on three tenets:

♦   Commitment
♦   Competence
♦   Continuous improvement